$10 DIX Note from the Citizens Bank of Louisiana - 1860's

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1860's $10 The Citizens' Bank of LOUISIANA "DIX" Note. Uncirculated condition.

Dix Note

This note was probably the reason the South is known as Dixieland accordingto the Federal Bank in Atlanta.   Louisiana’s banking laws were sound, and the state’s bank notes were respected. “Dix notes” from the Citizens Bank of Louisiana were widely known. The $10 notes used the French word for ten, “dix,” on the back. These popular dix notes may have led to the term “Dixieland.


The Citizens' Bank of Louisiana

Louisiana banknotes from prominent financial institutions circulated far and wide during the antebellum period. Chartered in 1833, the Citizens' Bank of Louisiana was the largest financial institution of its kind with an initial capitalization of $12 million, second only in the nation to the Second Bank of the United States. Ten-dollar notes from the Citizens’ Bank of Louisiana, their red backs printed with the French “dix” (“ten”), were familiarly known as “dixie” notes, leading to the belief that the term “Dixieland” derives from these Louisiana banknotes. This popular origin story has made “dixie” notes desirable among collectors and spurred numerous modern reproductions.  

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