Bankus Corporation - New York 1930

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Beautifully engraved certificate from the Bankus Corporation issued in 1930. This historic document was printed by Western Banknote Company and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of an eagle. This item has the signatures of the Company's President and Secretary and is over 77 years old. is a name you can TRUST!
Certificate Vignette
History from 1929 - THE BANK OF UNITED STATES (New York, N. Y.): Incorporated under New York laws in 1913. Merged Central Mercantile Bank & Trust Co., in May, 1928, and Cosmopolitan Bank, Aug. 21, 1928, see below. Departments: Banking, foreign, bond and trust. Memberships: Federal Reserve System, American Bankers Assn. and New York State Bankers Assn. State depository. Operates 19 branches. Number of employees, Jan., 1929, 1,040. CONSTITUENT BANKS: The Central Mercantile Bank & Trust Co. was incorporated under New York laws in 1917 as the Central Mercantile Bank. Merged the National American Bank in Oct., 1926. Adopted title of Central Mercantile Bank & Trust Co. in Dec., 1926. Purchased the assets of the Broadway Central Bank in Jan., 1927. Stockholders of Central Mercantile Bank & Trust Co. received one share of stock of Bank of United States for every one and one-half shares held. Cosmopolitan Bank was incorporated in New York in 1906. Stockholders of latter bank received Bank of United States stock on a share for share basis. AFFILIATIONS: Owns entire $500,000 capital stock of City Safe Deposit and is affiliated with Bankus Corp. (see appended statement). CORRESPONDENTS: Foreman National Bank, Chicago; National Shawmut Bank, Boston; Philadelphia National Bank, Philadelphia; Griswold-First State Bank, Detroit; and correspondents in all principal cities of the world. OFFICERS: C. S. Mitchell, Chairman; B. K. Marcus, Pres.; Saul Singer, Executive Vice-Pres.; Robert Adamson, H. W. Pollock, Henry Meckauer, H. S. Gottlieb, F. G. Sinclair, F. A. Gallagher, H. I. Stevens, A. H. Planteroth, Julius Lichter, George Pankin, G. S. Spinner, M. G. Kletz, Max Markel, P. Schiffman, R. D. MacMurdy, Vice-Pres.; Ralph Henderson, Cashier; A. W. Ahrens, P. F. W. Ahrens, \V. W. Veazie, A. M. Strong, J. H. Clark, F. Silverstein, C. H. Hoffman, M. J. Meyers, C. Hamburger, Louis Weinstein, L. M. Selling, H. R. Slaght, Asst. Vice-Pres.; W. A. Bliss, R. K. Buechler, H. R. Comfort, H. N. Fehling, C. G. Gemuendt, S. B. Goldstein, F. J. Jessup, Henry Krisch, D. J. Sullivan, Frank Rega, C. E. Rinehart, Chas. Seiken, G. B. Smith, Asst. Cashiers; M. Mullally, Trust Officer; R. C. Barton, Asst. Trust Officer. DIRECTORS: Robert Adamson, J. C. Brownstone, J. L. Cowen, William Fischman, Max Friedman, Frank Hedley, J. L. Hoffman, F. G. Hobbs, E. B. Kline, I. J. Kresel, George Le Boutillier, E. B. Lewis, A. W. Little, H. W. . Loeb, B. K. Marcus, C. S. Mitchell, A. M. Napier, H. W. Pollock, R. Sadowsky, Charles Silver, Saul Singer, David Tishman, G. C. Van Tuyl, Jr., Morris White, H. A. Metz, J. F. Gilchrist. ANNUAL MEETING: Second Tuesday in Jan. MAIN OFFICE: 535 Fifth Ave., New York.