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Chicago and Great Western Railroad Company - Illinois 1872  

Chicago and Great Western Railroad Company - Illinois 1872

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Beautiful Scarce Gold Bond Certificate from the Chicago and Great Western Railroad Company This historic document was printed by Henry Siebert and Bros. Company and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of wide depot scene. This item has the signatures of the Company’s President, E. Tollett Bull ? and Secretary, W. H. Park and is over 138 years old. 59 unused coupons attached on bottom. Large bond 17" wide x 27" length including coupons. is a name you can TRUST!
Certificate Vignette is a name you can TRUST!
Certificate Vignette

Manual of the railroads of the United States, Volume 22 By Henry Varnum Poor 1889


Line of Road.—June. C. W. & M. RR. to Harrison St. and Fifth Ave., Chicago, 111., 9 m. 2d track, 9 miles. Sidings, 5 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 8i in. Rail (steel), 56 and 60 lbs.

History.—Chartered in 1867 under name of La Salle and Chicago RR. Co., with power to construct a line of railroad between the points named in its title. No determined effort was made to construct the line until 1885, when parties in the interest of the Wisconsin Central RR. Co. bought up the entire stock with a view to provide terminals for the Wisconsin Central system and other railroads seeking entrance into Chicago. During the past two years the line from a connection with the Chicago, Wisconsin and Minnesota RR. to Harrison Street and Fifth Avenue, Chicago, has been finished, as also extensive terminal facilities within the city, and the great Central Passenger Depot, on corner of Fifth Avenue and Harrison Street, is now fast nearing completion.

The property of this company consists of a double track railroad into the centre of the city, as above, the roadway being 125 feet in width for the entire distance. At the city terminus extensive yards are owued and terminals—depots, station-houses, switching-tiacks, etc., etc., are being or will be constructed.

Financial Statement,—Capita' stock paid in, $8,000,000 ; bonded debt, $8,000,000 ; station notes, $2,000,000—total stock, bonds and notes, $18,000,000.

The funded debt consists of $4,000,000 first mortgage 5 per cent. 50-year gold $1,000 bonds, due June 1, 1936, interest payable June and December, and $4,000,000 second mortgage 5 per cent. $1,000 bonds due June 1, 1036, interest payable June and December.

The interest on the entire issue of first mortgage bonds is guaranteed jointly by the Wisconsin Central associated lines—the Wisconsin Central, Milwaukee and Lake Winnebago, Chicago, Wisconsin & Minne., Wisconsin & Minne., and Minne., St. Croix & Wis. RR. Cos.

This company owns in Chicago (in city limits) 174$ acres of land, the largest part of which lies in the centre of the city. It has a street frontage of 45,000 feet and a river frontage of 3,520 feet. Of this land 33 acres is between Stewart Avenue and Harrison Street. On the east side of the river from the bridge to Harrison Street are 676,690 square feet. It owns the whole of the Empire Slip property in which there are 373,500 square feet. The slip has been filled up. In the yards on the west side of the river including the streets and alleys are 1,040,000 square feet; between Stewart Avenue and Halstead Street are 2,425 square feet; between Halstead Street and Central Avenue, 1,956 feet front; between Central Avenue and Loomis Street, 1,650 feet front; between Loomis Street and Wood Street, 2,975 feet front; between Wood Street and Roby Street, 160 lots ; between Roby Street and Ogden Avenue, 3,000 feet front; between Ogden Avenue and California Avenue, 50 lots; between California Avenue and Crawford Avenue, 288 lots ; between Crawford Avenue and Belt Line, 150 lots ; bet ween Belt Line and 48th Street, 40 acres.

This company also has a lease of 140 acres from the School Board for transfer yard and right of way from Transfer to Madison Street of 50 acres.

Tins company is a landlord company and uses its property to rent to railroad companies entering Chicago and for furnishing them terminal facilities. There are now two tenants ; the Wisconsin Central Associated system and the Minnesota and Northwestern.

Charles L. Colby, President and Treasurer Milwaukee, Wis.

Edwin H. Abbot, Vice-President and Secretary Boston, Mass.

Principal Office And Address - Chicago, 111.

Product #: newitem203185731

Normal Price: $695.00
Our Sales Price: $595.00

(You Save: 14%)

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