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Corralitos Company (Issued to and signed twice by  Edward Shearson of Shearson/Lehman )  - Colorado 1922  

Corralitos Company (Issued to and signed twice by Edward Shearson of Shearson/Lehman ) - Colorado 1922

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Beautiful certificate #154 from the Corralitos Company issued in 1922. This historic document was printed by the Franklin Banknote Company and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of a sheep. This item has the signatures of the Company’s President, E. Townsend Irvin and Secretary, Charles I. Reeves and is over 87 years old. Issued to Edward Shearson, and signed by him twice on the back as Edward Shearson and E. Shearson. is a name you can TRUST!
Certificate Vignette is a name you can TRUST!
Issued to Edward Shearson is a name you can TRUST!
Signed twice on back by Edward Shearson

The Corralitos Company operated mining and ranching interests in the northern part of the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

EDWARD SHEARSON by The Tribune Association - 1904

EDWARD SHEARSON, banker and broker, is of Canadian origin. He is the son of William A. and Marion W. Shearson, and was born at Gait, in the province of Ontario, on August 3, 1864. His father was a native of England, and for a quarter of a century previous to 1885 was a leading member of the Chicago Board of Trade. His mother was of English parentage, and was bom in Savannah, Georgia, His education was acquired under private tutors and in schools at Gait, On- tario, and Wheaton, Illinois.

At the age of seventeen years Mr. Shearson left school to engage in business life. He first went to the far West and was occupied for a time with stock-raising and farming. His tastes inclined, however, more toward financial enterprises and railroad management, and accordingly in 1883 he returned to Chicago to seek opportunities in such lines.

Although he was at that time nineteen years old, he did not disdain to begin at the bottom of the ladder. His first engage- ment was as a mere office boy in the offices of the Accounting Department of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad. In time he was promoted to be a bookkeeper, and to fill other places, in the same office, and there remained in one capacity or another mitil the end of 1886.

On January 1, 1887, Mr. Shearson went from Chicago to Mil- waukee and l)ecame chief clerk of the Accounts Department of the Wisconsin Central Railroad. He filled that place for just a year, and then, on January 1, 1888, was appointed Auditor of Disbursements of the same company.

On May 1, 1890, Mr. Shearson returned to Chicago, retaining the auditorship just mentioned, and becoming in addition thereto auditor of the Chicago and Northern Pacific Railroad and of the Chicago and Cahuuet Terminal Railroad. These places he filled for a number of years, and he then retired from railroad service to enter the business of steel manufacturing.

He began his work in the latter line on June 1, 1898, as au- ditor and purchasing agent of the American Steel and Wire Company of Illinois. On November 1 following he became auditor and assistant treasurer of the Federal Steel Company, and thus served until May 1, 1900. From that date until April 1, 1901, he was assistant to the president of the Federal Steel Company, and then, until June 1, 1902, controller of the United States Steel Corporation.

On the date last named Mr. Shearson resigned the controller- ship of the Steel Corporation, in order to engage in the business of banker and broker in New York City. He formed the firm of Shearson, Hannnill & Co., and has since had a prosper- ous career.

Mr. Shearson is not married. He is a well-known member of various social organizations, including the New York Yacht Club, the Larchmont Yacht Club, the Indian Harbor Yacht Club, the Lawyers' Club, the Richmond County Country Club, the Apawamis Club, the Fairfield County Club, and the White Oak Shooting and Fishing Club of Georgia.

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Product #: newitem165615812

Normal Price: $895.00
Our Sales Price: $795.00

(You Save: 11%)

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