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Aviation Field Bond (Naval Air Station Sand Point)- King County, Seattle, Washington 1920  

Aviation Field Bond (Naval Air Station Sand Point)- King County, Seattle, Washington 1920

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Beautiful RARE Specimen Aviation Field Bond Certificate from the County of King, Seattle Washington printed in 1920. This historic document was printed by the N.P. Bank Note Company and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of the State Building and is over 93 years old. This is the only example of this bond we have seen. Possibly, unique. 10 coupons attached on right side. is a name you can TRUST!
Certificate Vignette is a name you can TRUST!

After World War I, a movement was begun to build the “Aviation Field, Sand Point" Naval Air Station (NAS), and King County began acquiring surrounding parcels. In 1922 the U.S. Navy began construction on the site, which it was leasing from the county, and in 1926 the Navy was deeded the 413-acre (1.67 km2) field outright. The name Carkeek Park was subsequently given to a new park on the west side of the city, north of Ballard on Puget Sound. This deed amounted to a public gift of $500,000 from the county to the Navy, in 1926 dollars; this would be $5,283,000 in 2005 dollars, not including significant real estate appreciation. The Seattle Chamber of Commerce—a commercial entity—had done the same thing for the Army 28 years before with Fort Lawton, much of which is now Discovery Park.

Sand Point Airfield was the endpoint of the first aerial circumnavigation of the world in 1924. The historic flight helped convince Congress to develop Sand Point as a Naval Air Station.

The former grass runways were paved in 1940-41, just prior to the U.S. entering World War II. The primary runway was aligned 14/32 and was just under a mile in length at 5050 feet (1539 m).

During its years of operation, Naval Station Puget Sound was used as a facility to train naval aviators. Several trainer aircraft were forced to ditch in lake Washington over the years due to pilot error or aircraft malfunction. The wrecks of these aircraft still remain submerged near present day Magnuson Park, where they are often visited by local divers: 1956 - PB4Y Privateer crashed shortly after takeoff when the pilot missed setting the flaps. The aircraft now sits under 155' of water near the boat ramp at Magnuson Park.

1947 - PV-2 Harpoon crashed landed on approach to Sand Point Naval Air Station runway. The aircraft now sits under 140' of water off Sand Point.

NAS Seattle was deactivated in 1970 and the airfield was shut down; the reduced base was renamed "Naval Support Activity Seattle." Negotiations began as to who would receive the surplus property. In 1975 a large portion of the Navy's land was given to the City of Seattle and to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The city's land was largely developed as a park and named Sand Point Park. In 1977, it was renamed Magnuson Park in honor of longtime U.S. Senator Warren Magnuson, a former naval officer from Seattle. Both names for the park are commonly used. The airfield runways were demolished in the late 1970s and new construction on the north end for NOAA was completed in 1982 (photo - 1981). The installation was renamed "Naval Station Puget Sound" in 1986 and recommended for closure in April 1991, and the remaining land was divided among several entities, including the city. The base was formally closed four years later in September 1995.

The former naval station was added to the National Register of Historic Places 2 July 2010 as Naval Air Station (NAS) Seattle and designated a Seattle landmark as the Sand Point Naval Air Station Historic District on 16 March 2011.

SENATE JOINT MEMORIAL NO. 3. By Senator Hastings: To the Honorable Congress of the United States of America: Your memorialists, the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Washington, in legislative session assembled, respectfully memorialize the Congress of the United States to consider and favorably act upon the following representations:

The North Pacific Coast of the United States, including Alaska and the Navy Yard, Puget Sound, is without any adequate naval defense whatsoever. Adjoining the State of Washington on the north, at Esquimalt, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Dominion of Canada, the British Government has powerful naval defenses. The Territory of Alaska and the entire Puget Sound country, embracing the North Pacific Coast, are without any naval defense whatsoever. The Navy Yard. Puget Sound, has already become one of the great Naval Stations of the United States. To leave it without adequate defense would be a national disaster.

Realizing this condition of affairs, King County, the wealthiest and most populous county in the State, has, at an expenditure of over $300,000, purchased for the Federal Government, free of charge to the Federal Government, a tract of land of about 400 acres at a point on Lake Washington, which naval experts, aviation experts, army experts, and other men of highly intelligent and experienced judgment, have declared to be the ideal site for an Aviation Field on the North Pacific Coast. These experts and gentlemen has readied this conclusion after careful examination of all prospective and favorable situations on the North Pacific Coast. A committee of the Congress of the United States has visited the Puget Sound country and examined the situation thus represented, and which is called Sand Point. One and all, they have declared it to be the one ideal site for an Aviation Field.

Before the close of the late World War, the Navy Department of the United States had already determined that it was necessary to have a great Aviation Field at that point; but the close of the War left the question undecided.

In view of these circumstances, and of the heavy outlay made by said County of King in procuring for the Federal Government, without expense to it, a great site for an Aviation Field, the Legislature of the State of Washington respectfully asks the Congress to make the necessary appropriation for the establishment of a great Aviation Field at Sand Point, on Lake Washington, State of Washington.

Senator Hastings moved that the rules be suspended, the memorial read the second and third time and placed on final passage.

Senator Taylor stated as a point of order that a motion to suspend the rules is not debatable.

The point of order was held well taken.

The motion by Senator Hastings carried.

The memorial was read the third time.

The Secretary called the roll on the final passage of Senate Joint Memorial and it passed the Senate by the following vote:

Those voting aye were: Senators Adamson, Barnes, Bishop, Carlyon, Cleary, Coman, Cornwell, Cox, Crawford, Fawcett, Groff, Hall, Hastings, Hutchinson, Johnson, Lambert, Loomis, McCauley, McCoy, McMillen, Metcalf, Myers, O'Harra, Palmer, Post, Renick, Rockwell, Rust, Ryan, Sinclair, Swofford, Taylor, Wells, Westfall, Wilmer, Wray—36.

Those absent or not voting were: Senators Davis, Karshner, Landon, Morthland, Sutton, Thomle—6.

The President appointed as a special committee on Executive Recommendations Senators Cleary, Cox and McCauley.

Product #: newitem261348839

Normal Price: $495.00
Our Sales Price: $395.00

(You Save: 20%)

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