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Lowry Banking Company signed by Robert J. Lowry - Atlanta, Georgia 1894  

Lowry Banking Company signed by Robert J. Lowry - Atlanta, Georgia 1894

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Beautiful certificate from the Lowry Banking Company issued in 1894. This historic document was printed by E.R. Button & Son and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of a bank vault. This item has the signature of the Company's President and is over 113 years old. is a name you can TRUST!
Certificate Vignette

The Lowry Banking Company was incorporated in 1887 in the State of Georgia. In 1924 Atlanta National Bank merged with another old line Atlanta banking company, Lowry Bank and Trust Company of Georgia, to form Atlanta and Lowry National Bank under the more venerable banking charter of Atlanta National.

Lowry Bank and Trust Company of Georgia had been formed just a year earlier in 1923 when The Trust Company of Georgia purchased the asserts and assumed the liabilities of Lowry National Bank, which had been organized initially at the end of the Civil War as the private banking firm of W. M. and R. J. Lowry, Bankers, later state-chartered in 1888 as Lowry Banking Company and then converted to a national charter in 1900 as Lowry National Bank.

An unusual feature of the combination of Lowry Bank and Trust Company of Georgia with Atlanta National Bank was that the stock of Trust Company of Georgia was placed in a trust for the benefit of the shareholders of the new national bank.

In 1929 Atlanta and Lowry National Bank merged intra-city with Fourth National Bank. The latter bank had been state chartered in 1889 as American Trust and Banking Company, and it converted to a national charter in 1896 as Fourth National Bank. This newly merged banking powerhouse in Atlanta was named the First National Bank of Atlanta, and it became the largest bank in the South and the fifteenth largest bank in the country at that time. Reportedly, the merger had occurred at the urging of Ernest and Robert Woodruff of The Coca-Cola Company in order for Atlanta to have a larger bank to finance more of the community’s business credit needs.

Robert J. Lowry was the President of the American Bankers Association in 1896. Founded in 1875 and now based in Washington, DC, the American Bankers Association represents banks of all sizes on issues of national importance for financial institutions and their customers. The ABA, on behalf of the more than two million men and women who work in the nation's banks, brings together all categories of banking institutions to best represent the interests of this rapidly changing industry. Its membership -- which includes community, regional and money center banks and holding companies, as well as savings associations, trust companies and savings banks -- makes ABA the largest banking trade association in the country.

The Butler Herald March 8, 1917

Page Five

Georgia News In Short Story Form

Col. Robert J. Lowry, head of the Lowry Banking Company and public spirited citizen of Atlanta, passed the 77 mile-post of his life on March 4th. He is still hale and hearty and enjoying a life well spent.

Product #: newitem71168302drbs

Normal Price: $189.95
Our Sales Price: $159.95

(You Save: 16%)

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