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State of Connecticut Comptroller's Office signed by John Potter - 1797  

State of Connecticut Comptroller's Office signed by John Potter - 1797

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Beautiful payment certificate from the State of Connecticut Comptroller's Office issued in 1797. This was paid to Simion Nice out of taxes appropriated for the payment of the Civil List and charge the state. This item has the signature of the State's Comptroller, John Porter and is over 216 years old.

John Porter was the Connecticut state comptroller from 1793-1806.

The Office of the Connecticut State Comptroller was created in 1786 by an act of the General Assembly. The Constitutional Amendment of 1836 provided that the Comptroller be elected by the people in a manner similar to that of other State Officers. Since 1838, this method has been in effect.

Prior to the establishment of this office, orders on the Treasurer could be drawn by the Governor, or his assistants, or by justices of the peace for sums under 40 shillings. The Committee of the Pay-Table, which the Comptroller's Office replaced, was originally established to liquidate and adjust accounts of expenses incurred during the Revolutionary War.

The Comptroller prescribes the mode of keeping and rendering all public accounts. The Comptroller is required to adjust and settle all public accounts and demands excepting grants and orders of the General Assembly. The Comptroller also renders a monthly accounting of the State's financial condition.

The Comptroller is a member, ex officio, of the following committees: The State Board of Canvassers, the State Bond Commission, the State Banking Commission, the State Insurance Purchasing Board, the Finance Advisory Committee, the State Employees' Group Insurance Commission, and the State Employees' Retirement Commission. The Comptroller administers the records of the Retirement Commission. The Comptroller is a member of the National Association of State Auditors, Treasurers, and Comptrollers. The Comptroller is also, ex officio, one of the Auditors of the accounts of the Treasurer.

The Comptroller approves and records all obligations against the State. The Comptroller maintains all official accounting records and is responsible for the employee payrolls of all State agencies, departments, and institutions. The office administers all Retirement Systems other than Teacher's retirement. Additionally, by direction of the General Assembly, the Comptroller administers numerous miscellaneous appropriations of the State.

Comptroller History

Comptroller Town & Pol. Term of Service Years of Service

James Wadsworth Durham, O 1786-88 2 yrs.

Oliver Wolcott Litchfield, O 1788-90 2 yrs.

Ralph Pomeroy Coventry, O 1790-91 1 yr.

Andrew Kingsbury Hartford, O 1791-93 2 yrs.

John Porter Lebanon, O 1793-1806 13 yrs.

Elisha Colt Hartford, O 1806-19 13 yrs.

James Thomas Hartford, O 1819-30 11 yrs.

Elisha Phelps Simsbury, O 1830-34 4 yrs.

Roger Huntington Norwich, O 1834-35 1 yr.

Gideon Welles Hartford, D 1835-36 1 yr.

William Field Pomfret, O 1836-38 2 yrs.

Henry Kilbourn Hartford, O 1838-42 4 yrs.

Gideon Welles Hartford, D 1842-44 2 yrs.

Abijah Carrington New Haven, O 1844-46 2 yrs.

Mason Cleveland Hampton, O 1846-47 1 yr.

Abijah Catlin Harwinton, O 1847-50 3 yrs.

Rufus G. Pinney Stafford, D 1850-54 4 yrs.

John Dunham Norwich, W 1854-55 1 yr.

Alexander Merrell New London, A 1855-56 1 yr.

Edward Prentis New London, A 1856-57 1 yr.

Joseph G. Lamb Norwich, AR 1857-58 1 yr.

William H. Buell Clinton, R 1858-61 3 yrs.

Leman W. Cutler Watertown, R 1861-66 5 yrs.

Robbins Battell Norfolk, U 1866-67 1 yr.

Jesse Olney Straford, D 1867-69 2 yrs.

James W. Manning Putnam, R 1869-70 1 yr.

Seth S. Logan Washington, D 1870-71 1 yr.

James W. Manning Putnam, R 1871-73 2 yrs.

Alfred R. Goodrich Vernon, D 1873-77 4 yrs.

Charles C. Hubbard Middletown, D 1877-79 2 yrs.

Chauncey Howard Coventry, R 1879-81 2 yrs.

Wheelock Batcheller Winsted, R 1881-83 2 yrs.

Frank D. Sloat New Haven, R 1883-85 2 yrs.

Luzerne I. Munson Waterbury, R 1885-87 2 yrs.

Thomas Clark N. Stonington, R 1887-89 2 yrs.

John B. Wright Clinton, R 1889-91 2 yrs.

Nicholas Staub New Milford, D 1891-95 4 yrs.

Benjamin P. Mead New Canaan, R 1895-99 4 yrs.

Thompson S. Grant Enfield, R 1899-1901 2 yrs.

Abiram Chamberlain Meriden, R 1901-03 2 yrs.

William E. Seeley Bridgeport, R 1903-05 2 yrs.

Asahel W. Mitchell Woodbury, R 1905-07 2 yrs.

Thomas D. Bradstreet Thomaston, R 1907-13 6 yrs.

Daniel P. Dunn Windham, D 1913-15 2 yrs.

Morris C. Webster Torrington, R 1915-21 6 yrs.

Harvey P. Bissell Ridgefield, R 1921-23 2 yrs.

Frederick M. Salmon Westport, R 1923-33 10 yrs.

Anson F. Keeler Norwalk, R 1933-35 2 yrs.

Charles C. Swartz Norwalk, D 1935-39 4 yrs.

Fred R. Zeller Stonington, R 1939-41, 43-45, 47-49, 51-59 14 yrs.

John M. Dowe1 Killingly, D 1941-43, 45-46 3 yrs. 4 m.

Raymond S. Thatcher2 E. Hampton, D 1946-47, 49-51, 59-66 10 yrs. 2 m. 4 d.

James J. Casey3 Winchester, D 1966-67 5 m. 16 d.

Louis I. Gladstone Bridgeport, D 1967-71 4 yrs.

Nathan G. Agostinelli Manchester, R 1971-75 4 yrs.

J. Edward Caldwell Bridgeport, D 1975-91 16 yrs. 1d.

William E. Curry, Jr. Farmington, D 1991-95 4 yrs.

Nancy S. Wyman Tolland, D 1995-

History from Wikipedia and

Product #: newitem88187786

Normal Price: $250.00
Our Sales Price: $195.00

(You Save: 22%)

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