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Beautifully engraved specimen certificate from the eMachines, Inc. printed in 1998. This historic document has an ornate border around it with an underptint of a computer, monitor, and speakers. This item has the printed signatures of the company's president and secretary. eMachines™ sells high-quality, low-priced personal computers ( PCs) to develop ongoing Internet-based consumer relationships designed to provide a continuous stream of advertising and related revenues. eMachines™ provides Internet advertisers with an integrated approach to building their online brands that includes the company's client-server software, promotional materials packaged with eMachines™ PCs, and keyboards that provide one-touch access to selected Web sites. In November, 1998, eMachines™ introduced the first branded sub-$400 PC to the U.S. retail market, and to date has sold over three million PCs. eMachines™ sold the third largest number of desktop PCs through U.S. retailers in 1999, according to PC Data, and sold the largest number of sub-$600 PCs through U.S. retailers in July 1999, according to Ziff Davis' InfoBeads. In 1999, eMachines™ products won prestigious awards in the low-priced PC desktop category, including PC Computing's Most Valuable Product, number one on Windows Magazine's "WinList 100" and CNET.com's Editors' Choice award. In January 2000, eMachines™ acquired FreePC, Inc., a Bill Gross' idealab! company that was one of the first to subsidize the purchase price of the PC and Internet access with advertising sponsorships. The acquisition of FreePC's expertise, relationships, technology, and technical experience is a key element of eMachines™ strategy to enhance our Internet revenues. eMachines™offers multiple, integrated advertising programs, including our eWare and eBoards, that we believe an Internet advertiser may combine into a powerful campaign capable of dramatically increasing the effectiveness of its offer. eMachines™ computing and Internet advertising offerings create an integrated PC and Internet-based service that includes links to selected Web sites and other Internet resources. This combination extends a Web-based portal business model to the hardware itself. eMachines™ intends to lead this new business category by: increasing penetration of the consumer market by providing low-priced, high-quality integrated computing and Internet offerings; using the company's PC business to cost-effectively acquire Internet consumers; enhancing recurring Internet revenues through opportunities such as Internet service payments, e-commerce and Web-based advertising; leveraging eMachines™ established brand to broaden our PC line and to introduce Internet appliances and Internet-connected peripheral products; continuing to strengthen the company's strategic relationships with leading retailers to capture and retain prime shelf space. eMachines™ was incorporated in Delaware in September 1998. Company information is from the eMachines.com website.