Thomas Greg & Sons, Inc. $50 Specimen

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Thomas Greg & Sons, Inc. $50 Specimen
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Beatuifully engraved $50 bill printed by Thomas Greg & Sons, Inc. showing various print techniques including positive microprint, coin reactivity and intaglio print. This was used by Thomas Greg & Sons, Inc. to show prospective governments and customers their advanced printing and counterfeit protection techniques. Thomas Greg & Sons has dedicated more than four decades to offering security products and services to banks, industry, governments, and business. It has always had a commitment to quality, based on professionalism, efficiency, and excellence, which has allowed it to become a leader in our markets and to expand its activities. In terms of its leadership in the printing of securities and security documents, it is known for offering products of the highest quality with the application of complex techniques against forgery and for being at the vanguard of new financial and business products. The companies that incorporate Thomas Greg & Sons family of companies are Thomas Greg & Sons de Colombia S.A., Thomas Greg & Sons do Brasil LTD, Thomas Greg & Sons de Venezuela S.A., Thomas Greg & Sons de Peru S.A., Midwest Banknote USA, Thomas Greg & Sons de Venezuela C.A., E.M.A.., Grupo Calidata Thomas Greg & Sons S.A de C.V Mexico, Label Solutions Monterrey Mexico, Lerchundi Documentos de Seguridad, S.I. Spain and Best Forms Incorporated Philippines.