Twistee Treat Corporation - Ice Cream Cone Store Vignette

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Beautifully engraved Certificate from the Twistee Treat Corporation issued in the 1980's. This historic document has an ornate border around it with a ice cream cones in the border and a vignette of a company business in the shape of an ice cream. This item has the printed signatures of the company's officers and is over 13 years old.

Certificate Vignette
Twistee Treat sells a broad range of softserve ice cream and related dairy products (shakes, sundaes, smoothies, etc.) from its unique, high profile, 22 foot high cone shaped buildings. The current company was formed in 1996 through a purchase of the assets of the original Twistee Treat. The original company has an extensive history dating from early 1980. Unfortunately, the company experienced continued operational and financial problems throughout its existence which ultimately led to the company filing for bankruptcy protection in early 1990. Following the purchase of the assets out of bankruptcy, Twistee Treat Corporation has focussed its efforts on defining, testing and documenting its operational systems and procedures through hands on management of three corporate stores located in Florida. The company also undertook an initiative to consolidate and restructure its equity and capital structure through a series of share repurchases, management/shareholder buyouts, and private placements. The company now believes it has the requisite operational and systems infrastructure, as well as a strong, committed management group in place, to position the company for successful and managed growth. Unmistakablely Unique and Inviting... Fostering a retro look is part of the strategy at Twistee Treat Corporation. The prefabricated building evokes memories of the early 1950's, when entrepreneurs tried to outdo each other with signs and buildings that would stand out and attract highway motorists. The interior of the building is also decorated in retro style featuring swivel stools and white fiberglass counters. The color theme is magenta and teal. The company now has pilot units in Eustis, FL and Branson, MO. They have plans to open more locations this year, including Jacksonville and Margate, FL. The company will look to sell additional franchises pending the success of the pilots.