$100 United States Savings Bond ( Uncancelled IBM Punch Card Stock) - 1970's

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Beautiful uncancelled $100 Savings Bond from the <font color="#0000FF">United States of America issued  </font> no later than 1974. This historic document was printed by the United States Government and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of Grover Cleveland ($100). This item has the printed signature of the Secretary of the Treasury, and is over 49 years old.

The registered Series EE Bonds savings bonds replaced the Series E bonds. They were purchased at a discount of half their face value. EE bonds increase in value as the interest accrues or accumulates and pay interest for 30 years. When EE bonds “mature,” or come due, you are paid your original investment plus all of the interest. EE bonds are non transferable.

The IBM punch card stock began to be phased out in 1985, when the punch card technology was no longer being used.