Bacorn Company Letterhead - New York

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Beautiful Letterhead from the Bacorn Company. is a name you can TRUST!
Certificate Vignette
The Bacorn Company of Elmira, New Yrok opened business around 1909 and closed due to a fire in 1927. The company sold their products thru mail order and also, like the California Perfume Co, through door to door sales ladies. In addition to perfumes, the company also produced fruit extracts and various toiletries. The perfumes of Bacorn included: ·1915 Bay Rum ·1915 Black Narcissus ·1915 Carnation ·1915 Chantecleer Lily ·1915 Crab Apple ·1915 Delicatex ·1915 Menthol Headache Cologne ·1915 Heliotrope ·1915 Henry VI ·1915 L'Origan ·1915 Le Trefle Incarnate ·1915 Lilas Lore ·1915 Lily of the Valley ·1915 Narcissus Toilet Water ·1915 Our Rose Petals ·1915 Sweet Pea ·1915 Trailing Arbutus ·1915 White Rose ·1920 Azura ·Cream of Roses ·Lilac Toilet Water ·Supreme Violet Toilet Water ·Jack Rose Toilet Water ·Skin-Glo Creme ·Violet Witch Hazel ·Glycerine & Bay Rum