British Electrozone Corporation, Limited - 1896

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Beautiful certificate from the British Electrozone Corporation, Limited issued in 1896. This historic document has an ornate border around it with the company's name on top center. This item has been hand signed by the Company's Directors, and Secretary, and is over 115 years old. On February 7th, 1896, the British Electrozone Corporation, Limited, of Trafalgar Buildings, Northumberland Avenue, London, applied for the registration of the word " Electrozone " in Class 3 for chemical substances prepared for use in medicine and pharmacy. The Comptroller refused registration on the ground that the mark proposed did not contain any of the essential particulars required as a condition for the registration of a new Trade Mark by Section 64 of the Patents, &c, Act, 1883, as amended by Section 10 of the Patents, Ac., Act, 1888, and he declined to proceed with the application. The applicants appealed to the Board of Trade, who referred the appeal to the court. The appeal came on by way of motion by the applicants to require the Comptroller to register the word as a Trade Mark. It appeared from the case on appeal that the article to which the word "Electrozone" had been applied mas sea water or other saline solutions treated by electrolysis, the result bting an efficient germ destroying agent. By theircate the applicants submitted that "Electrozone" had no reference to the character of the compound or its qualities, as no electricity or ozone was in it; nor did the word describe anything in connection with the manufacture or use of the article; nor did it convey to the chemiBt or the general public what the article was. Kekewith, J I dismiss the motion with costs. (In the matter of the application of the British Electrozone Company for the registration cf a Trade Mark, Illustrated Official Journal {Patents) Wednesday, August 5th, 1896, No. 396.)