Edison Phonograph Distributing Company - New Jersey 1920's

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Beautiful unissued certificate from the Edison Phonograph Distributing Company . This historic document was printed by Broun-Green Bank Note Company and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of an two allegorical women next to a seal.
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Certificate Vignette
The Edison Phonograph Distributing Company merged with Edison Phonographs, Ltd. on July 15, 1925. The Edison Phonograph Distributing Company name was changed to the Edison Distributing Corporation on August 28, 1928. The company was controlled by Thomas A. Edison Inc. The Edison Phonograph Works, incorporated on May 3, 1888, held the manufacturing rights for Edison's phonograph. Edison was the company's founding president and majority stockholder. During the 1890s the EPW operated a factory in Orange, New Jersey, at which it manufactured phonographs and cylinders for the North American Phonograph Co., the National Phonograph Co., and the International Graphophone Co. It also produced machines for the Bates Manufacturing Co. and electrical devices for the Edison Manufacturing Works. In 1914 its factory was destroyed by fire. In 1924 the company became part of Thomas A. Edison Inc.