Elektrische Licht - und Kraftanlagen AG, Berlin 1943 - WWII Era

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Beautifully engraved certificate from the Elektrische Licht- und Kraftanlagen AG issued in 1943 during the midst of WWII. This historic document was printed by Ad. Haussmann K.G. Berlin and has an ornate border around it with an elaborate watermark to prevent counterfeiting. This item has the printed signatures of the Company's Officers. Electrical Light und Kraftanlagen was a Holding company for companies from the energy sector. The company focused in electro-technology and were partners for the financing of enterprises in related areas, including those of the Siemens company. They had various participation in electricity and public utilities, in Landsberg (Warthe), Stralsund, hall field (Saale), Jena, Munich, Gotha, Kassel as well as in the Osram GmbH, Berlin, German telephone works and cable industry the AG, Berlin u.v.a. Large shareholder (1943): Siemens & Halske AG (majority). 1948 seat to Goettingen, 1950 to Cologne shift. 1971 merged Munich, thereafter change of name in electrical light and kraftanlagen AG, on the brown coal and briquette industry AG Bubiag -, Munich.