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Elder Island Hempstead Bay Yacht Club - New York 1911  

Elder Island Hempstead Bay Yacht Club - New York 1911

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Beautiful RARE stock certificate #21 from the Elder Island Hempstead Bay Yacht Club issued in 1911. This historic document was printed by the Broun-Green Company and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of the company name. This item has the signatures of the Company’s President, R. H. Mayland and Treasurer, Carman R. Lush, and is over 98 years old. The certificate was issued to J. H. Ellison. is a name you can TRUST!
Certificate Vignette

April 20, 1896

The New York Times

HEMPSTEAD BAY YACHT CLUB. A Prosperous Organization on the South Shore of Long Island.

LONG BEACH, L. I., April 19, 1896 The yacht club of the south side of Long Island gives more evidence of prosperity than the Hempstead Bay Club. It has a large, active membership, and its colors are seen at regattas and yachting stations everywhere. Although, by reason of their many shallows and bars, Hempstead and Great South Bays are not equal for yachting purposes to the Sound and its many harbors, tht Hempstead Bay Club has become one of the leading and influential yachting organizations of the metropolitan district.

The club was organized in 1890. Its charter members were William E. Clowes, Bergen R. Carman, Alanson Abrams, Frank Place, Carman R. Lush, Isaac N. Carman, Seaman L. Pettit, Charles H. Southard, Thomas D. Smith, and John S. Snedeker.

The clubhouse is situated on Elder Island, about one and a half miles east of Long Beach. Elder Island is near the mouth of Jones's Inlet, whichothas been the scene during the past ten years of many fatal wrecks. The clubhouse commands an excellent view for miles, of both the Great South Bay and the ocean, the latter being separated from the clubhouse only by a long, narrow sandbar, which at high tide is but a few feet above the breakers.

During the past year extensive improvements have been made to the clubhouse. Among them are four bedrooms, a kitchen, a ladies' reading room, sitting room, and dining room. Large verandas have also been added, and also many plank walks and floats. The yacht club's fleet consists of the following yachts and launches:


Length. Ft. In. Eleanor, William P. Miller. 32 6

Carib el, H: R. Smith 32 . •

Henrietta, Seaman L. Pettit 31 7

Windward, William Plyer 31 4

Mystery, John S. Snedeker 30 ..

Brooklyn, Thomas Martin 28 ..

Hunter, I. N. Carman 27 ..

Cricket, the Rev. K. P. Ketcham 27 ..

Mayflower, Joshua W. Barnum 26 • .

Jeanette, Bergen R. Carman 26 ..

Katie D., H. T. Denton 26 • •

Beatrix, C. H. Southard 26 ..

%Lover, Frank P1-7.-..ce 26 • •

Rover, S. R. Smith 25

Unit,% G. A. Wilson 24 10

Carrie W., Floyd Weeks 24 • •

Bess, Bergen R.. Cargian 24 • .

Katie C., John H. Carl 23 ..,

i Tom-Boy, Fred C. Southard 23 6

Winonah, Carman R. Lush 21 6

Fleet Wing, George Lowder i 20 11

New-York, Thomas Martin 19 10

Dream, E. T. Southard 19 ..

Elsie, Bergen R. Carman 17 ..

Maggie, W. E. CloWes 17 ..

Mischief, Herbert Carman 15 • •

John L., Charles E. Patterson .. 15 ..

Addle, Richard Carman 14 ..

Amerique, Charles H. Southard... -.. . • . ..


Francis, T. A. Carman 26 ..

Kelpie, Abner K. Bedell 25 ..

Aphelia, A. Imring 25 ..

Marguerite, F. Ingram 25 ..

Carrie, T. D. Smith 25 ..

Mermaid, T. and J. M. Seaman 23. ..

Sea Gull, T. G. Knight 20 • •

Calipo, J. Brouwer 18 ..

A. M. Onderdonk 17 • •

There are seventy-five members in the club.

The officers are as follows: Commodore—Charles H. Southard; Vice Commodore—John H. Carl; Rear Commodore—Floyd Weeks; Measurer Thomas D. Smith; Secretary-1. W. Williams; Treasurer—Frank. Place; Board of Governors—C. H. Southard, John H. Carl. Frank Place, Seaman L. Pettit, Thomas Martin, William E. Clowes; Bergen R. Carman, Floyd Weeks. Thomas D. Smith, and Jacob Brouwer; Committee on

Membership—I•saac N. Carman, Frederick Southard, and W. Z. Ketcham; Committee on Auditing—William E. Ciowes, Seaman L. Pettit, and Bergen R. Carman; Regatta Committee—J. W. Glover and Thomas V. Smith; House Committee Carman R. Lush, August Imring. and E. T. Southard; Fleet Captain—William E. Clowes.

Product #: newitem161295459

Normal Price: $495.00
Our Sales Price: $395.00

(You Save: 20%)

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