Golden Cycle Mining (Largest Cyanide Mill in the United States ) - Cripple Creek District 1918

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Beautifully engraved Certificate from the Golden Cycle Mining and Reduction Company issued in 1918. This historic document was printed by the Smith Brooks Company of Denver. The certificate has an ornate border around it with a vignette of a huge mining process ing facility. Below the vignette it says " The Largest Cyanide Mill in the United States - Daily Capacity 1200 Tons. This historic item is hand signed by the Company's President and is over 88 years old. is a name you can TRUST!
Certificate Vignette
The Golden Cycle Corporation was incorporated in the state of West Virginia on November 1895 as the Golden Cycle Mining Company. The name changed in April, 1915 to The Golden Cycle Mining and Reduction Company, and in July, 1929, the name again changed to The Golden Cycle Corporation. The Company began as a mining company with operations in the Cripple Creek - Victor District of Colorado, but later entered the milling business and when it was acquired by the Carlton interests, it was still further diversified. The original Golden Cycle Mining Company was owned largely by the John T Milliken Interests of St. Lewis, MO., who sold 95 percent of the capital stock to A. E. Carlton in March of 1915. The Carlton interests then acquired the Midland Railroad just prior to World War I, but during the war all but the branch line, called the Midland Terminal Railroad, was abandoned. Thus within a period of very few years the Carlton's had acquired active mines in the Cripple Creek-Victor District, the Golden Cycle Mill and the Pikes Peak Fuel Co. in Colorado Springs, as well as the main railroad serving the District. The original Golden Cycle Mill burned in 1907, and was rebuilt. The new mill had its first full year's operation in 1908, and through 1949 had treated 13,564982 tons of ore from the Cripple Creek District and 794,280 tons from other districts in Colorado or a total of 14,359,262 tons having a gross value of $182,961,359.00. This value is based upon $ 20.00 per ounce price for gold up to and including 1934, and $ 35.00 per ounce value thereafter. It is seen from the total value of all ore shipped from the Cripple Creek District ($463,000,000.00), the Golden Cycle Mill treated over 40 per cent of this ore. The gold content of the Cripple Creek ore varied from 0.30 ounces per ton to 1.08 ounces per ton. Based on a price of $ 35 per ounce, the value varied from $10.50 to $37.80 per ton.