Kenaf Corporation - Manati, Cuba 1952

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Beautiful certificate from the Kenaf Corporation issued in 1952. This historic document has an ornate border around it and is hand signed by the Company's President, C. Rionda and Secretary, Michael J. P. Malone and is over 54 years old. The Kenaf Corporation was established in the 1950s to cultivate kenaf and process kenaf fiber. The kenaf fiber was to be used primarily in the manufacture of sugar bags. The project was supported by the Export-Import Bank and shares for the company were owned by Czarnikow-Rionda and the Francisco, Manati, and Cespedes sugar companies. The processing plant was located at the Central Manati. Kenaf is a valuable fiber from an East Indian hibiscus plant which is now widespread in cultivation, and used especially for its cordage, canvas and sacking. It is primarily grown in India and Pakistan but also grows in Africa, South East Asia, Indonesia, Russia, Mexico, the Philippines, Cuba and the United States.