Macclesfield Brewery and Wine Company - 1867

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Beautifully engraved certificate from the Macclesfield Brewery and Wine Company, Limited issued in 1867 operating in England. This historic document is hand signed by the Company's Directors and Secretary and is over 137 years old. Early Brewery and Wine Company certificates are hard to find. North Cheshire Brewery Co Ltd. on Charles Street was founded 1862 as the Macclesfield Brewery & Wine Co Ltd. It Operated as the Macclesfield Brewery Co Ltd from 1869-73. It was registered in 1897 as the North Cheshire & Manchester Brewery Co Ltd but changed its name to the North Cheshire Brewery Co Ltd in 1898 after legal action by the Manchester Brewery Co Ltd who objected to the use of that part of the name which coincided with their own. Acquired by Lonsdale & Adshead Ltd 1928 with about 87 tied houses.