Micmac Gold Mining Company - Lunenberg County, Nova Scotia, Canada - 1909

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Beautifully engraved certificate from the Micmac Gold Mining Company issued in 1909. This historic document and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of an indian chief. This item has the signatures of the Company's V. President, William B. Arnold and Treasurer, Fred W. Moore, and is over 101 years old. Micmac is a name of Canadian Indians that resided in the Canadian Maritimes which include Nova Scotia and New Foundland.
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Certificate Vignette
MICMAC GOLD MINING COMPANY. Incorporated, Maine, February, 1906. Capital stock, $1,500,000; par value, $5. Properties, located in Leipsigate Gold District, Lunenberg County, Nova Scotia, Canada, comprise 129 claims. Product, gold. Mine said to have been worked successfully since 1897, though by hand drills and other primitive methods. New interests, which came into possession in 1906, have spent considerable money putting in new machinery, etc., including a 100-stamp mill and cyanide plant. Development proceeding by sinking shafts, cross-cutting, etc. One shaft down 700 feet, and a number of other are open. Said to be %l/2 miles of underground workings. Value of ore blocked out estimated at $3,000,- 000. Present company has paid no dividends to date. Officers: Thomas W. Moore, president; Wm. B. Arnold, vice president and secretary; Fred W. Moore, treasurer. Directors: Above officers, Herbert Rockwell, H. W. W. Cain, Arthur P. Milliken. Offices, Bridgewater, N. S. History from the The A B C and Manual of the Curb Market - 1908 and OldCompany.com.