Middlesex and Somerset Traction Company - Brunswick, New Jersey 1900

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Beautifully engraved certificate from the Middlesex and Somerset Traction Company issued in 1900. This historic document was printed by Mathias and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of an electric trolley with motorman. This item has the signatures of the Company's President and Treasurer, Edward H. Radel and is over 106 years old. This is the first time we have seen this certificate issued.
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Certificate Vignette
The Middlesex and Somerset Traction Company became part of the Public Service Railway in 1907. The Public Service Railway was organized in August. 1907, as a consolidation of the North Jersey Street Ry. Co., the Jersey Ry, Hoboken and Patterson Street Ry. Co., and the United Street Ry. Co. of Central Jersey. In October, 1907, the Newark and South Orange Ry, Co.. the North Hudson Turnpike Co. and Pavonia orse RR. Co. were merged with this company. The North Jersey Street Ry. Co. had in January, 1898, absorbed the Newark and South Orange Mt. Co., and In May, 1898, leased the lines of the Consolidated Traction Co. of N. J. for 999 years. The Jersey City, Hoboken and Paterson St. Ry. Co. was a consolidation in November, 1899, of the following: Jersey City, Hoboken and Rutherford Electric Ky. Co., North Hudson County Ky. Co. (controlling the Hudson and Bergen Traction Co. and the Pavonia Horse RR. Co.). Palisades RR. Co.. Paterson Central Electric Ky. 0o., Paterson Horse RR. Co.. The Paterson, Passaic and Rutherford Electric By. Co., Paterson Ky. Co., Saddle River Traction Co., White Line Traction Co.. formerly the New Jersey Electric Ky. Co. The United Street Ky. Co. of Central Jersey Was a consolidation in July. 1907. of the Elizabeth, Plainfield and Central Jersey Ry. Co. (which was chartered in 1900 as a consolidation of the Plainfield Street Ky. Co. end other companies), and the Elizabeth and Raritan River St. Ry. Co. (which was a consolidation on April 30, 1904, of the Middlesex and Somerset Traction Co. and the East Jersey Street By. Co., which latter company had previously absorbed the Raritan Traction Co., the Perth Amboy RR. Co. and the East Jersey Traction company. PUBLIC SERVICE RY.--Mileage, Jan. 1, 1909: 1st main track. 415.42 miles.; 2d main track, 241.86 miles; turnouts, etc., 17.38 miles total, 674.66 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 8 1/2 in. Standard rail is T; weight per yard, 96 and 114 lbs. Motor cars (passenger), 2,030; service cars, 150; snow-plows, 26; sweepers, 72; sprinklers, 32; electric motors, 5,795. History from Encyberpedia.