Solitaire Gold Mining Company - Teller. Cripple Creek District, Colorado - 1900

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Beautiful stock certificate from the Solitaire Gold Mining Company issued in 1900. This historic document has an ornate border around it with the company's name on top center with Cripple Creek Mining District printed on the face. This item has the signatures of the Company's President and Secretary, and is over 112 years old. The Official Manual of the Cripple Creek District, Colorado, U. S. A. - 1900 Solitaire Gold Mining Company Incorporated January 16, 1900. W. A. B. MacDonald, president; T. C. MacDonald, vice-president; H. H. Barbee, secretary; J. F. De Berry, treasurer; A. B. Risk. Main Office--Postoffice block, Colorado Springs, Colorado. 1,500,000 shares. Par value, $ 1.00. In treasury January 1, 1900, 200,000 shares; in treasury January 1, 1900, $10,000.00 cash. Owns the Solitaire, about 5 acres, in the N. E. 1-4 of section 30, on Raven hill and Battle mountain; the Roudebush, the Hayward, the Eldredge, the Pinto, about 30 acres in all, situated in the S. E. 1-4 of section 12, about 1,000 feet from the Gold King mine, on Carbonate hill. The company also owns the Elkhorn, adjoining the above property, on Carbonate hill, and a three-fourths interest in the Comstock, 10 acres, on Raven hill. All the above property is patented. The greater part of the development work is being done on the Elk- Development horn claim, which has a shaft 450 feet deep and considerable drifting and stoping. The company holds, by lease, the Columbia, owned by the Cripple Creek Columbia G. M. Company. The Elkhorn is a shipping mine and has produced some very rich History ore, running from 5 to 20 ounces. There are now a number of applications for leases which are under consideration and will soon be granted. The Elkhorn promises to be a good mine. The stock was not on the market in 1899. Since then has been placed at 10 cents. History from Encyberpedia and (old stock certificate research service)