Submarine Boat Corporation - New York 1928

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Beautiful certificate from the Submarine Boat Corporation issued in 1928. This historic document was printed by American Bank Note Company and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of a submarine. This item has the signatures of the Company's President, Harry R. Carse and is over 88 years old. is a name you can TRUST!
Certificate Vignette
SUBMARINE BOAT CORPORATION (History as of 1924 from History: Incorporated Aug. 4, 1915, in New York. Company is engaged in the construction of cargo boats, submarine torpedo boats, motor boats, dynamos, motors and electrical products. Owns all the stock excepting directors' shares of the Electric Boat Co. (incorporated on Feb. 7, 1899, in New Jersey), builders of submarines of the Holland type and motor boats. Latter company in 1915 acquired a large interest in the New London Ship & Engine Co., manufacturers of Diesel engines, and owns the Holland Torpedo Boat Co., of N. Y.; the Electric Launch Co., of N. Y.; the Electro-Dynamic Co., of N. J., and the National Torpedo Co. The Submarine Boat Corporation made final adjustment of its account with the United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corp. on December 13, 1922, and is now the owner of 32 steel cargo vessels, each of 5,350 tons dead weight. The company also became owner of the entire plant at Newark Bay Shipyard, located on land leased from the City of Newark. The plant consists of buildings, docks, wharves, shipways, railroad locomotives and rolling stock, trackage, etc., necessary for its terminal connecting with the main railroad trunk lines of the country. Its subsidiaries are the Trans-marine Corporation, operating steamship lines; the Atlantic Port Railway Corporation forming connecting railway with the Penn. R.R., Lehigh Valley R.R., Central R.R. of N. J., etc.; and the Newark Bay Terminal Corporation. Management: OFFICERS: H. R. Carse, Pres.; L. Y. Spear, H. R. Sutphen, Vice-Pres.; Frank Wallace, Sec.; H. A. G. Taylor, Treas. Directors: H. R. Carse, Reginald B. Lanier, H. R. Sutphen, Stephen Peabody, Otto Marx, A. L. Scheuer, E. C. Jameson, New York City; B. L. Worden, West Orange, N. J.; L. Y. Spear, New London, Conn.; H. A. G. Taylor, Newark, N. J.; H. C. Sheridan, Washington, D. C.; Frank Wallace, Paterson, N. J. ANNUAL MEETING: Second Tuesday in April. OFFICE: 5 Nassau St., New York.
John Holland (father of US submarines) founded the Electric Boat Company in 1899 to build submarines. The Holland Torpedo Boat Company was the first to build and turn over to the United States Navy a practical submarine boat. After Holland's death in 1914, the Holland Submarine Boat Corporation reorganized, and the name was changed to simply Submarine Boat Corporation around 1915.