TFN, The Football Network, Inc. - Delaware 2002

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Beautiful certificate from TFN, The Football Network, Inc. issued in 2002. This historic document has an ornate border around it. This item has the printed signatures of the Company's President, Jantonio Turner and Secretary, and is over 9 years old. The Football Network (TFN) specializes in coverage of football. TFN produces a radio show, "TFN's Football Focus", which is carried on radio stations nationwide. The company is developing a 24-hour cable television channel devoted exclusively to football, providing coverage of the sport, its players, behind the scenes reports, and shows devoted to football-related topics. It has offices in Marina Del Rey, California and Lynnfield Massachusetts. From the company's SEC Filings: ITEM 1. DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS A. We are a media company with current Internet and radio divisions working to launch the nation's first 24-hour cable television network totally dedicated to football and football-related programming. Media Advisor During January 2000, TFN retained the services of Newberger, Greenberg and Associates, a media advisory firm based in Westlake Village, California, to provide TFN with specialized industry expertise, detailed in-depth strategic and operating plans and direct assistance with capital formation. NG&A will be guiding TFN through their proprietary cable/satellite network planning process, which is designed to create a sturdy economic foundation for TFN based upon understanding and meeting audience interests, securing attractive content and benefiting from what is attainable in the multi-media distribution arena. NG&A shall receive $15,000 as long as NG&A continues to be retained by TFN which we expect to be at least one year after launch. NG&A will also receive stock in the amount of 2 and one half percent of outstanding shares, upon the completion of the major round financing contemplated to be needed to launch the TFN channel. Affiliates Affiliates are defined as cable or satellite systems, which provide television packages of networks to their viewers called subscribers (also referred to herein as "viewers"). The major systems today use cable wiring or satellite dishes to distribute the programming. Affiliates will be targeted to distribute our programming. Based on in-house research, there are currently over 10,000 potential affiliates. We shall target: - affiliates with multiple systems, and - larger affiliates, first, down to smallest affiliates We shall contact the affiliates at the national trade shows, by telephone, distribution of our initial information kit and then follow up. History from (old stock certificate research service) and WWI Liberty Bonds Buyer.