Adelphia Communications Corporation - Huge Fraud with John J. Rigas as President

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Beautifully engraved Certificate from the Adelphia Communications Corporation . This historic document was printed by the American Banknote Company and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of the company's logo. This item has the printed signatures of the company's officers, including John J. Rigas as President. Shows some wear on top margin from printing. is a name you can TRUST!
Certificate Vignette
John Rigas, founder of Adelphia Communications Corp., was indicted in September 2002 on charges of bank, wire, and securities fraud. His sons, Timothy and Michael, and two other executives were also charged. Prosecutors allege the executives hid $2.3 billion in liabilities from Adelphia investors and that the Rigases used company funds as their "personal piggy bank." The company filed for bankruptcy protection in June, after it had acknowledged that the Rigases had been given $3.1 billion in off-the-balance-sheet loans. John Rigas stepped down as CEO of the company in May 2002. is a name you can TRUST!

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