George Bush signature as Texas Governor - Invent the Future Certificate from the Texas Reading Club

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Beautifully printed unissued certificate from the Texas Reading Club with George Bush as Governor. This historic document was given out to students as a reading reward and has the printed signature of George Bush when he was Governor of the State of Texas. The certificate has a colorful scene on the moon with 3 spacemen, a rocket and a lunar rover exploring the moon. The artist was Brian Floca. The message along the top says "Invent the Future! Read!" is a name you can TRUST!
Printed Signature of George Bush and Peggy Rudd
The Texas Reading Club is designed to encourage youth to read for pleasure and to promote library usage. A statewide theme is selected each year that emphasizes ways in which reading expands young minds and encourages children to use their imaginations. It also reminds young people that reading can be great fun. This certificate represented the theme of the Year 2000, prior to George Bush becoming President of the United States.