Harvard Commencement Graduation Program dated August 28, 1833

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Rare Original Harvard Commencement Graduation Program dated August 28, 1833. Josi E. Quincy was the President of Harvard University and Samuel Turrell Armstrong in 1833. The first page of the program is in Latin and lists the graduates. This historic document shows signs of wear as can be seen on the scans, however the paper is not brittle.
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Front - Page 1
Illustrissimo LEVI LINCOLN, Armigero, LL. D., GUBERNATORI; Honoratissimo SAMUELI-TURELL ARMSTRONG, Armigero, VICE-GUBERNATORI; CONSILIARIIS ET SENATORIBUS Reipublicæ Massachusettensis; CEÆTERISQUE UNIVERSITATIS HARVARDIANÆ CURATORIBUS Honorandis atque Reverendis; Honorando JOSIÆ QUINCY, Armigero, LL. D., PRÆSIDI; Toti SENATUI Academico; Aliisque omnibus, qui in Rebus Universitatis administrandis versantur; VENERANDIS ECCLESIARUM PASSIM PASTORIBUS; Universis denique, ubicunque terrarum, Humanitatis Cultoribus, Reique Publicæ nostræ literariæ Fautoribus; EXERCITATIONES hasce Juvenes in Artibus initiati, Johannes-Clarke Allen Samuel-Page Andrews Jacobus-Loring Baker Carolus-Jarvis Bates Thomas Bolton Franciscus Bowen Luther Clark Georgius-Inglis Crafts Hiram-Keith Curtis Gulielmus Dehon Johannes-Homer Dix Carolus Draper Georgius Eaton Georgius-Edvardus Ellis Andreas Foster Henricus-Yancey Gray David-Stoddard Greenough Fisher-Ames Harding Josephus Harrington Carolus-Warren Hartshorn Daniel-Waldo Higginson Carolus Jackson Gulielmus-Porter Jarvis Moses Kelly Abiel-Abbot Livermore Josephus Lovering Robertus-Traill-Spence Lowell Johannes-Chester Lyman Gulielmus Mack Georgius-Henricus Nichols Fredericus Parker Gulielmus-Dandridge Peck Carolus-Henricus Peirce Isaacus-Purnell Pendleton Thomas-Butler Pope Huntington Porter Gulielmus-Mackay Prichard Josias Rutter Edvardus-Josias Stearns Johannes-Osgood Stone Rufus-Campbell Torrey Henricus-Warren Torrey Nathanael-Saville Tucker Winslow-Marston Watson Daniel-Fletcher Webster Carolus-Alfred Welch Christophorus-Minot Weld Josephus White Gulielmus Whiting Fredericus-Augustus Whitney Thomas Wigglesworth Morrill Wyman Johannes-Jeffries Wyman Richardus-Sharpe Young humillimè dedicant. Habita in Comitiis Universitatis CANTABRIGLÆ, MASSACHUSETTENSIS, Dir Augusti XXVIII, Anno Salutus MDCCCXXXIII, Rerumque Publicarum Foederatarum AMERICÆ Summæ Potestatis LVIII.
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Page 2
ORDER OF EXERCISES FOR COMMENCEMENT, XXVIII AUGUST, MDCCCXXXIII. Exercises of Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts. [The performers will speak in the order of their names.] 1. A Salutatory Oration in Latin. JOSEPH LOVERING, Charlestown. 2. A Conference. "Common Sense, Genius, and Learning. Their Characteristics, Comparative Value, and Success." GEORGE INGLIS CRAFTS, Charlestown, S. C. DAVID STODDARD GREENOUGH, Roxbury. DANIEL FLETCHER WEBSTER, Boston. 3. An Essay. "The Profession of the Teacher." DANIEL WALDO HIGGINSON, Cambridge. 4. A Colloquial Discussion. "The Moral Effect of Public and Domestic Amusements." GEORGE EDWARD ELLIS, Boston. MORRILL WYMAN, Charlestown. 5. A Conference. "The Prospects of a Scholar, a Politician, and an Independent Gentleman, in the United States." JAMES LORING BAKER, Hingham. CHARLES WARREN HARTSHORN, Taunton. JOHN OSGOOD STONE, Salem. 6. An Essay. "The Tendency of Fashionable Life to turn Night into Day and Day into Night." THOMAS WIGGLESWORTH, Boston. 7. A Colloquial Discussion. "The Effect of Controversy on Partisans and on the Public." THOMAS BOLTON, Leicester, N. Y. FREDERICK PARKER, Carlisle. 8. A Conference. "Contemporary and Subsequent Narratives of Historical Events." CHARLES JARVIS BATES, Boston. RICHARD SHARPE YOUNG, Boston. 9. A Literary Disquisition. "The Influence of Ancient Art upon Ancient Literature." CHARLES JACKSON, Boston.
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Page 3
10. A Literary Discussion. "The Poet of an Early Age, and of a Civilized one." WILLIAM DEHON, Boston. CHARLES ALFRED WELCH, Boston. 11. A Dissertation. "The Respect due from Conquerors to Works of Art." WILLIAM MACKAY PRICHARD, Concord. 12. A Philosophical Discussion. "Comparative Utility of the Moral and Physical Sciences in the Present Age." LUTHER CLARK, Waltham. EDWARD JOSIAH STEARNS, Bedford. 13. A Dissertation. "The Effect of Maritime Enterprises on the Intellectual Character of a Nation." ABIEL ABBOT LIVERMORE, Wilton, N. H. 14. A Forensic Disputation. "Whether the Diversities of Individual Character be owing more to Physical than Moral Causes." HIRAM KEITH CURTIS, Stoughton. WILLIAM MACK, Salem. 15. A Political Disquisition. "On what does the Security of our Institutions depend?" FISHER AMES HARDING, Dover. 16. An English Oration. "Enthusiasm." WILLIAM WHITING, Concord. 17. A Forensic Disputation. "Whether it be Possible or Desirable to free the Mind from Superstitious Associations." HENRY YANCEY GRAY, Charleston, S. C. JOSEPH HARRINGTON, Roxbury. 18. A Dissertation. "The Field opened for men of Enterprise in the West." MOSES KELLY, Groveland, N. Y. 19. An English Oration. "De Mortuis Nil nisi Bonum." HENRY WARREN TORREY, Boston. 20. A Deliberative Discussion. "The Expediency of Intervention by one Nation in the Civil or Public Contests of others." JOHN HOMER DIX, Newton. FREDERIC AUGUSTUS WHITNEY, Quincy. 21. An English Oration. "The Spirit of Reform." FRANCIS BOWEN, Boston. Exercises of Candidates for the Degree of Master of Arts. 1. An Oration in English. "The Spirit of Ancient and Modern Education." Mr. THOMAS HOPKINSON. 2. A Valedictory Oration in Latin. Mr. BENJAMIN HALSEY ANDREWS.