Ithaca Land Company Shareholder's Certificate (Cayuga Lake and Cornell University) - New York 1897

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Beautiful share certificate from the Ithaca Land Company issued in 1897. This historic document has the signatures of the Company's President, P.L. Platt and Secretary, J. D. Tucker and is over 110 years old. ITHACA DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1895. This company is regularly incorporated and capitalized at $40,000 full paid. Its purpose is .to buy, improve and sell real estate to handle stocks, build homes, etc. etc. Its life runs for fifty years. Numbered among its stock holders are some of the best and most responsible men of the country. Among them will be found A. H. Tucker, William and Norman Hart, of Candor; J. A Williams, of Sayre Pa; EJdgecomb & Sons and L. A. Johnson, of Knoxville Pa; J. B. Howe, L. E. Howe; J. W. White, and E. Gleason, of Elkton, Pa; Geo. M. Jump, of Five Corners, N. Y; Begent & Wilcox: C. II. Jennings and 8am'I Hyde, of Groton, N. Y.; Geo. E* Harris, Chak. 8. Smith, C. W. Colby and H. J. Leonard, of Lawrencevlllef Pa.; S. A. Genung, J, W. Clarke, W, H. Lockerby, a M. Frisby and W. H. Plum, ol Waverly; C. A. Gilbert, A. F. Dodge and F. D- Councilman, of Elmer, Pa.;. H. D. Bolt, of Owego, N. Y.; W. R, Howard, Joel Harvey and D. C. Hand, of Newark Valley, N. Y.; Zatilla Stevens, Geo. W. Stevens and C. S. Jones, of Harrison Valley, Pa.; M. I. Swarzenbach, W. E. Donnelly, J. 0. Edgecomb, E. E. Biles, and L. A. Dickenson, of Galeton, Pa.; E. M, At well, of (Mines, Pa.; A. M. Newman and S. Newman,of Jenksville,N. Y.; C A. Sweetland, of Mills, Pa; J. W. AIlen and C. W. Finch, of Richford, N, Y.i D, M. Pratt, of Elmira, N. Y.; M. K. Tucker. John L. Piatt. W. K. Cessna and others, of Ithaca, N. Y., and L. J. Shank and E. 8tainer, of Lake Ridge, N, Y. and others. This company is Just now completing ten to a dozen new buildings on South Hill in this oity. We also understand they are ready to grade streets to connect with the new bridge crossing and this connect their grounds more directly with East Hill and the University; of the location of their pioperty too much cannot be said in commendation. Every lot can be utilised for building purposes and lies in full view of Cayuga lake and Cornell University. For residential attraction it is without an equal.