Maryland Medical College - Maryland 1904

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Beautifully engraved RARE certificate # 38 from the Maryland Medical College issued in 1904. This historic document has an ornate border around it with a vignette of an eagle. This item is hand signed by the Company's President, John B. Schwatka and Secretary, B. P. Muse and is over 101 years old. Folded with splits on folds. This is the first time we have had this certificate for sale. The certificate was issued to Jos. H. Branham. The Maryland Medical College was founded in 1898 and closed in 1913 closed with opening of John Hopkins Medical School. According to Abraham Flexner who wrote "Medical Education in the United States and Canada - A Report to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching" out of New York in 1910: MARYLAND MEDICAL COLLEGE. Organized 1898. An independent institution. Entrance requirement: Nominal. Attendance: Almost one-half the school is in the senior class. Teaching staff: 39, of whom 21 are professors, 18 of other grade. Resources available for maintenance: Fees, amounting to $7460 (estimated). Laboratory facilities: The school building is wretchedly dirty. Its so-called laboratories are of the worst existing type: one neglected and filthy room is set aside for bacteriology, pathology, and histology: a few dirty test-tubes stand around in pans and old cigar-boxes. The chemical laboratory is perhaps equal to the teaching of elementary chemistry. The dissecting-room is foul. This description completely exhausts its teaching facilities. There is no museum or library and no teaching accessories of any sort whatsoever. Clinical facilities: The college faculty own and conduct a hospital within a few blocks. It is essentially a private institution, of no great value to students. Less than 50 beds are free. The dispensary claims a fair attendance. Date of visit: March, 1909