Pacific Finance Corporation - California 1924

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Beautiful certificate from the Pacific Finance Corporation issued in 1924. This historic document was printed by the Jeffries Banknote Company and has an ornate border around it. This item has been hand signed by the Company's Vice President, Howard S. Dudley and Secretary, O. Rey Rule and is over 88 years old. Issued to and signed on the verso by O. Rey Rule. Walker's Manual of Western Corporations, Volume 1920 PACIFIC FINANCE CORPORATION Los Angeles, Cal. Organized under the laws of California Jan. 14, 1920, for the purpose of buying automobile (both truck and pleasure car) paper, which paper runs for an average period of six months and represents deferred payments on the purchase of cars, and also to deal in trade acceptances. Officers--Lee A. Phillips, Pres.; Robert E. Hunter, Isaac Milbank, VicePres.; Howard S. Dudley, Treas.; O. Rey Rule, Sec.; Preston Hotchkis, Asst. Sec. Directors--A. J. Chandler, Norman W. Church, George I. Cochran, W. H. Davis, J. C. Drake, Howard S. Dudley, E. S. Dulin, Robert E. Hunter, Frank J. Mangham. Robert Marsh, Isaac Milbank, John B. Miller, A. C. Parsons, Lee A. Phillips, O. Rey Rule. Head office--Marsh Strong Bldg., Los Angeles. Capital. Authorized. Outstanding. *Preferred 8'v Cumulative, $100 $2,000,000 $1,750,000 Common, $100 2,000,000 1,750.000 *Preferred as to assets and dividends. Dividends--Preferred, quarterly, 87< per annum from May 1, 1920. History from Encyberpedia and (old stock certificate research service)