Phillips Aviation Co. - California 1940

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Beautifully printed certificate from the Phillips Aviation Co. issued in 1940. This historic document was printed by the Western Lithograph Company and has an ornate border around it. This item is hand signed by the Company's President ( James A. Phillips ) and Assistant Secretary ( Sallis Spencer ) and is over 64 years old. 1936: (James A) Phillips Aviation Co, South Pasadena & Van Nuys CA. 1940: Acquired rights from Aero Engineering Corp and Driggs (Western Airmotive), Long Beach CA. 1941: Rights to Skylark and D-333 motor sold to Ayers Aviation Corp, Reno NV. Phillips Aeroneer [NC16075] (K O Eckland coll) Phillips Aeroneer [NX16075] posing as "Crane XPT" for a bit part in 1940 film, "House Across the Bay" (William T Larkins) 1-B Aeroneer, XPT 1936 (ATC 693) = 2pClwM; 125hp Menasco C-4; span: 32'6" (>36'2") length: 24'0" load: 695# v: 140/130/49 range: 600. POP: 1 [NC16075]. Rebuilt 1939 with 145hp Ranger 6 (length: 23'6" load: 810# v: 150/130/46 range: 500) as XPT (Experimental Primary Trainer) in an attempt to get an USAAC contract [NX16075]. This failed, then MGM Studios reportedly bought it, and its path fades out there. Philips CT-1 Perú [OB-AAN] (Sergio de la Puenta coll) CT-1 Skylark 1940 (ATC 731) = 2pO/CB; 95hp Menasco B-4; span: 28'3" length: 23'2" load: 586# v: 114/100/45 range: 340. Ivan Driggs. Optional 125hp C-4 and sliding cockpit canopy. Continuation of Driggs Skylark. POP: 2 or 3 [prototype NX18989 c/n 100]; 1 to Peru. Phillips CT-2 [19989] (K O Eckland coll) CT-2 Skylark 1941 = 2pO/CB; 120hp Phillips-Martin D-333; span: 28'3" length: 23'3" load: 570# v: 124/115/45 range: 315. Optional sliding cockpit canopy. $2,500; POP: probably 1 [19989] c/n 101. Subsequent production after acquisition by Ayers is unknown. XPT-1 SEE 1-B. Phillips-Fleet 7 [NC637M] (K O Eckland coll) -Fleet 1942 (ATC 2-562) = Fleet 7 with 120hp Phillips-Martin 333. POP: 2 [NC64VA, NC637M]. History from Aero Files.