Poulsen Wireless Corporation - San Francisco, California 1918

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Beautiful certificate from the Poulsen Wireless Corporation issued in 1918. This historic document was printed by A. Carlisle & Co and has an ornate border around it. This item has been hand signed by the Company's Vice-President, John L. Deahl and Secretary, Augustus Taylor and is over 93 years old. Moodys manual 1917 POULSEN WIRELESS CORPORATION.--Inc. Oct 31, 1910, in Ariz., to engage in wireless telegraphy and telephony. Owns all the $100,000 capital stock of the Federal Telegraph Co. of California, which company owns and operates wireless telegraph stations at Lents and-Portland, Ore.; San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, Cal.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Seattle, Wash., and Honolulu, T. H. Capital Stock.--Authorized and outstanding, $25,000,000; par, $100. No dividends paid. Officers: Geo. A. Pope, Pres.; E. W. Hopkins, V-P; John L. Deahl, V-P; Augustus Taylor, Sec; A. G. Kellogg, Treas., San Francisco, Cal. Directors: E. W. Hopkins, J. Henry Meyer, Geo. A. Pope, Washington Dodge, Francis Carolan, John L. Deahl, H. P. Vccdcr, San Francisco, Cal.; C. D. Mark, Palo Alto, Cal. Offices, 812 Hobart Bldg., San Francisco, Cal., and Prcscott, Ariz. Annual Meeting, in April, at Prescott, Ariz.
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