Salem and Philadelphia Manufacturing Company - New Jersey 1828

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Beautiful $2 bank note from the Salem and Philadelphia Manufacturing Company issued in 1828. This historic document has an ornate border around it with a vignettes of the state seal and Benj. Franklin. This item has the signatures of the Company's President and cashier, and is over 187 years old. Reported in Niles' Weekly Register, Volume 43 - September 3, 1832 It seems thnt bills of the infamously famous swindling shop, called the "Salem and Philadelphia Manufacturing Company," are still sometimes offered as money. One fellow at Si. Louis liau $2,750 in them. He was arrested and committed to jail for trial, and, we hope, will be punished. But the people should endeavor to establish new habits, as to the reception of strange pieces of paper, as money -- for, if the bank of the United States shall not be re-chartered, because of the veto of (he president, manufactories of raff money will speedily abound, and their filthy wares be offered to supply the vacuum occasioned by the reduced and reducing circulation of the bills of that bank. So the people ought to begin in time, to make more close examinations of marked and stamped paper, especially if purporting to be issued at long distances from them -- for, with the prospects a-liead, there will be new established broker? shafts, not more than 20 miles apart, on all the principal roads -- at which one sort of rags may be exchanged for other sorts, or shaved -- for the benefit of the brokers, and the accommodation of the public.'