Virginia Fire and Marine Insurance Company - Richmond, Virginia

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Beautiful certificate from the Virginia Fire and Marine Insurance Company issued no later than 1915. This historic document was engraved by Maverick & Wissinger and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of an allegorical woman with an eagle resting on an American shield. This item has been hand signed by the Company's President, W. H. Palmer and Secretary, W. H. McCarthy and is over 97 years old. is a name you can TRUST!
Certificate Vignette
The insurance year book, Part 2 By Spectator Company (New York, N.Y.)- 1913 VIRGINIA FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE CO. The Virginia Marine was organised in 1832 (March 14), with a cash capital of $100,000, paid in by cash subscriptions. Transacted marine business only. During session of legislature, 1839-1840, the capital was authorised to be increased to $200,000, and in the spring of 1840 the additional was subscribed and paid in cash and the company commenced a fire business also. Charter was amended January, 1852, changing name to Virginia Fire ft Marine and was again amended January 4, 1858, changing par value of shares from $100 per share to $25 per share. March 28, 1860, January 3, 1866, assets were reduced to $62,000 on account of the Civil War, and in order to again commence business each 5 shares of stock were reduced to one share and the capital was increased to $175,000 by cash subscriptions. In June, 1872, capital was increased to $200,000 by cash subscriptions. On March 5, 1874, capital was increased to $2,50,000 by cash subscriptions. Values of special deposits: 111., $13,227, La.. $12,719, N. Y, $13,000; Vs.. $10,625; Mass., $11,620; N. C, $13,000; Ala., $13,260. DIRECTORS: W. H. Palmer, E. B. Addison, J. Jordan Leake, N. W. Bowe, W. H. Palmer, Jr., F. E. Nolting. H. J. Cabell. FIELD MEN AND TERRITORY COVERED: James I. Loeb. Chicago. 111., general agent for III. Hall ft Henshaw. N. Y. City: J. D. Kitchen ft Bro., New Orleans, general agents for Tex., La. and Miss.; J. M. Leake, general agent for Va., N. C. and Tenn.; B. C. Lewis, Jr., and Wm. P. Hill, special agents; A. K. Phillips, Washington, D. C, general agent for Washington; Logue Bros, ft Co., Pittsburg, Pa., for wetsern Pa.; Jos. Doyle, Philadelphia, Pa., for Philadelphia; Henry J. Ide, Boston, Mass., general agent for Mass.; Thames ft Batre, Mobile, Ala., general agents for Ala.; Cooper 4 Hall, general agents for Tenn. The company operates in Ala., D. C. 111., La., Mass., Miss.. N. Y., N. C, Pa.. Tenn., Tei. and Va. Stock research by (old stock certificate research service).