High Resolution Scan of 30 Stocks of the Dow Industrials

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Due to continued requests, we are offering a High Resolution Scan 30 Stocks of the Dow Industrials. The image size is 51 inches wide and 42 inches high. Once you receive the scan you can have a poster made (at your cost) and have it framed or mounted on poster board. Once you order the image, we will provide you a link and you can download it to your computer. This can be used for making wallpaper in your office! Most of these stocks were printed in the 1990's. Company's in the image include: Allied - Signal, Inc. Aluminum Company of america (ALCOA) American Express AT&T Corp. Boeing Caterpillar Cheveron Corporation Coca-Cola Dupont Eastman Kodak Exxon Corporation General Electric General Motors Goodyeat Tire & Rubber Hewlett-Packard IBM International Paper Company J.P. Morgan Johnson & Johnson McDonald's Minnesota Mining Merck Phillip Morris Procter & Gamble Sears Travelers Insurance Union Carbide United Technologies Corporation Walt Disney