Rheinische Hypothekenbank Gold Bond (Now Eurohypo AG)- Mannheim, Germany 1929

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Beautifully engraved 8 % Gold-Hypothekenpfandbriefe certificate from the Rheinische Hypothekenbank issued between 1927 and 1930. This historic document was printed by Giesecke & Dierivnt, Berlin and has an ornate border around it with an elaborate underprint and watermarks. This item is hand signed and is over 77 years old. Eurohypo AG was created through the merger of RHEINHYP Rheinische Hypothekenbank AG, Deutsche Hyp Deutsche Hypothekenbank Frankfurt-Hamburg AG and Eurohypo Europäische Hypothekenbank der Deutschen Bank AG in 2002. Gold Bonds Many times Bonds were Payable in Gold or Gold Coin to give the impression that they were a more secure investment. In reality, they were not more secure since there wasn't any gold set aside as collateral for these bonds. On April 5, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Presidential Executive Order 6102 which invoked his authority to make it unlawful to own or hold gold coins, gold bullion, or gold certificates. The export of Gold for purposes of payment was also outlawed, except under license from the Treasury. On January 30, 1934, the Gold Reserve Act became law which made the ownership of gold illegal except for coins of numismatic value. As a result of this law, Bonds were no longer allowed to be Payable in Gold.