Thiokol Chemical Corp Stock -Famous Rocket Company - Challanger Failure

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Thiokol Chemical
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We are offering this historic and beautifully engraved Stock Certificate issued by Thiokol Chemical Corporation in 1970 - 1971. This historic document has an ornate border with a beautiful vignette of a partially clothed allegorical man sitting next to scientific instruments with a rocket taking off in the background. This document is over 28 years old and looks terrific. is a name you can TRUST!
Certificate Vignette

Thiokol Propulsion, a division of Cordant Technologies Inc., is the world's largest producer of high-technology solid rocket motors for space, defense, and commercial launch applications. The company recently chaged its name from thikol to Cordant.
Thiokol produces the giant solid rocket motors for NASA's Space Shuttle program and a broad range of propulsion systems for launching and positioning systems for military and commercial customers worldwide. (They are remembered for their infamous Rocker Boosters during the Challenger Failure in 1986). Their current space products include STAR satellite placement motors; CASTOR® strap-on boosters; and the versatile CASTOR 120® motor designed for first-stage, second-stage, and strap-on applications.
In the defense market, Thiokol (in joint venture arrangements): Produces all three solid propulsion stages for the U.S. Navy's Trident II (D5) missile system and the U.S. Air Force's Minuteman III Propulsion Replacement Program Provides tactical propulsion for a variety of weapons systems Provides demilitarization of solid rocket motors and warheads ranging from Sidewinder motors to Titan Solid Rocket Motor Upgrade segments
Is a world leader in illumination flare technology and production Provides energetic materials development and production Supporting Thiokol's space and defense capabilities is the industry's premier Science and Engineering organization. Over 700 scientists, engineers, and technicians are dedicated to the design, development, and testing of solid propulsion and related technologies. Operating research and development laboratories and a test area with a replacement value of over $200 million, Science and Engineering has developed thousands of products­from an ambient-stored epoxy resin to the only human-rated solid propulsion boosters.