Buckeye Steel hand signed by George Bush's Grandfather, Samuel Prescott Bush 1927

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Beautiful historic Certificate from The Buckeye Steel Castings Company issued no later than 1927. This historic document was printed by the Edwards and Franklin Company and has an ornate border around it with the name of the company in fancy print. This item is hand signed by Samuel Prescott Bush as its President and is over 90 years old. The certificate has cancellations through the signature to acknowledge redemption of the stock.
Scripophily.com is a name you can TRUST!
Scripophily.com is a name you can TRUST!
The Buckeye Steel Castings Company was incorporated in 1894 as The Buckeye Malleable Iron & Coupler Company. They changed thie name in 1908. They manufactured steel car couplers for trains, truck bodies, bolsters, truck fenders, yokes, etc. Their annual out at the time this certificate was issued was approximately 100,000 tons.
Scripophily.com is a name you can TRUST!
Scripophily.com is a name you can TRUST!
Discussed on CNBC by Bob Kerstein
Buckeye Steel filed for bankruptcy reorganization Dec. 20,2002 along with its parent company, Buckeye Holdings Inc. It has been out of operation since Oct. 15, 2002 after its lenders refused to extend its credit facility. The company was forced to lay off about 700 workers without pay while it searched for a buyer.
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Samuel P. Bush ( Samuel Prescott Bush b. 1863. d. 1948) was the President of the Buckeye Steel Castings Co. in Columbus, Ohio, makers of railcar parts from 1907 - 1927. His entire career had been in the railroad business-- supplying equipment to the Wall Street-owned railroad systems. Samuel Prescott Bush, was a close adviser to President Hoover. Samuel P. Bush was also the first president of the National Association of Manufacturers. Samuel Prescott Bush was a member of the Stevens Institute of Technology class of 1884. Bush was on the varsity football and baseball teams, and belonged to the tennis club and served a term as a director of the Stevens Athletic Association, all while earning his bachelor's degree. In the early 1890s, Bush assisted Ohio State football coach Jack Ryder and helped organize an amateur baseball league in Columbus - - he played second base on the Pennsylvania Railroad Columbus Shop team. In 1892 he and two others organized one of Columbus's first tennis clubs. Later, as a charter member of the Scioto Country Club in that city, he chaired the club's golf- course construction committee. Bush, who died in 1948, was a noted industrialist -- railroads and steel were his businesses -- who also performed extensive civic and community service. Stevens recognized that service in 1947 by awarding him an honorary - degree of doctor of engineering. Samuel is the Grandfather of President Bush, the Father of Prescott S. Bush (Prescott Bush, was a senator and the tallest man in the Senate for many years) and the Great Grandather of George W. Bush. Samuel married Flora Sheldon, daughter of Robert Emmet Sheldon and Mary Elizabeth Butler, on 20 Jun 1894 in Columbus, OH. We donated Buckeye Steel Castings Certificates signed by Samuel Prescott Bush to the Bush Family Library. Below is a copy of the letter we received from President Bush:
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Below is the family tree of former President George W. Bush and John Ellis "Jeb" Bush : Great Grand Parents Samuel Prescott Bush, b. Brick Church, N.J., 4 Oct. 1863, living Franklin Co., Ohio, 1920, d. Columbus, Ohio, 8 Feb. 1948 m. Columbus, Ohio, 20 June 1894 Flora Sheldon, b. Franklin Co., Ohio, 17 Mar. 1872, living with husband Franklin Co., Ohio, 1920, d. "Watch Hill", R.I., 4 Sept. 1920 Grand Parents Prescott Sheldon Bush, b. Columbus, Ohio, 15 May 1895, living in St. Louis, Mo., in 1920, U.S. Senator from 1952 to 1963, d. New York, N.Y., 8 Oct. 1972 m. Kennebunkport, Maine, 6 Aug. 1921 Dorothy Walker, b. near Walker's Point, York Co., Me., 1 July 1901, living with parents St. Louis, Mo., 1920, d. Greenwich, Conn., 19 Nov. 1992 Parents George Herbert Walker Bush, b. Milton, Mass., 12 June 1924, U.S. Vice President from 1981 to 1989, U.S. President from 1989 to 1993 m. Rye, N.Y., 6 Jan. 1945 Barbara Pierce, b. Rye, N.Y., 8 June 1925 George Walker Bush, b. New Haven, Conn., 6 July 1946, Governor of Texas, m. Glass Memorial Chapel, First United Memorial Church, Midland, Texas, 5 Nov. 1977, Laura Welch, b. Midland, Texas, 4 Nov. 1946, dau. of Harold Bruce Welch and Jenna Louise Hawkins John Ellis "Jeb" Bush (born February 11, 1953) served as the 43rd Governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. He is the second son of former President George H. W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush, and is the younger brother of former President George W. Bush. Jeb Bush is the only Republican, and the third person of any party, to serve two full four-year terms as Governor of Florida. Buckeye Steel's history: 1881 Murray-Hayden - manufacturing malleable iron products 1883 Munsen Hayden - Murray sells to Munsen 1886 Buckeye Malleable Company In 1891 Buckeye Automatic Car Coupler Company formed using Buckeye Malleable Company's castings 1894 Buckeye Malleable Iron and Coupler Company formed from the merger of Buckeye Malleable Company and Buckeye Automatic Car Coupler Company. 1902 Buckeye Malleable Iron and Coupler Company opens new "South Plant" 1903 Buckeye Steel Castings - South Plant renamed after steel production becomes the center of operations. 1917 Buckeye opens forge shop for WWI. 1944 Buckeye begins making armor castings for WWII. 1947 Cushion Ride design begins testings. 1963 Equipment installed to produce cast iron soil pipe. 1964 Universal Hermann Moldmaster installation. 1965 30 ton electric furnace installed. 1967 Buckeye International created due to diversity of the company into plastics, microelectronics. 1980 Division of Worthington Industries 1999 Worthington sells Buckeye 2002 Buckeye Steel filed for bankruptcy reorganization Dec. 20,2002 This is an extraordinary and historic item.