Curtis Wright Corporation 1983 (Glenn Curtiss and Wright Brothers) - Famous Aviation Company

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Beautifully engraved Stock Certificate in excellent condition from the Curtiss Wright Corporation for shares of common stock. The certificate was dated no later than 1983 and is over 27 years old. There is the printed signatures of the President and Secretary. is a name you can TRUST!
Certificate Vignette
The vignette shows a 4 allegorical figures one of which have wings and is holding a torch. They are standing in front of a large gear representing their aircraft manufacturing capability and there is a city in the background. The company has a lot of history in early aviation with the Wright in the name coming from the aviation pioneers Glenn Curtiss and the Wright Brothers. Curtiss-Wright performs metal treating and makes actuation systems used to control wing flaps aircraft including the F-16 Falcon fighter and V-22 Osprey. It also makes highly engineered valves for US Naval nuclear propulsion systems and performs shot peening and heat treating for metal durability and shaping in the automotive and construction equipment industries. US government sales made up 17% of revenues. Other customers include Boeing and Lockheed Martin, and most sales are in the US. Insurance holding company Unitrin owns 43% of the firm. The company was of significant importance to the outcome of WWII. They manufactured the P 40 Warhawk Fighter, C 46 Commando Cargo Transport, SB2C Helldiver Navy Bomber, Army A 25 Helldiver, Seagull Navy Scout Plane and the Republic Thunderbolt Fighter.