Montrose Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek District, Colorado 1905 - Sold

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Beautiful certificate from the Montrose Gold Mining Company issued in 1905. This historic document has an ornate gold seal with a vignette of the company name. This item has the original signatures of the Company's V. President, Warren Woods and Assistant Secretary, W. S. Tarbell and is over 106 years old. is a name you can TRUST!
Certificate Vignette
The Official Manual of the Cripple Creek District, Colorado, U. S. A. 1900 The Montrose Gold Mining Company. Incorporated September 29, 1899. Dr. C. P. Elder, president; Warren Woods, vice president; F. M. Woods, secretary; H. E. Woods, treasurer; W. S. Tarbell; C. M. Clinton; J. M. Allen. Main Office Colorado Springs, Colorado; branch offices, Denver and Victor, Colorado. 1,250,000 shares. Par val- ue, $1.00. In treasury Janu- ary 1, 1900, 140,000 shares. Owns the Montrose and the Arizona, containing about 8 acres. Patented. Owns hoisting plant, etc. There is a shaft 154 feet deep on the property, with 100 feet of drifting; also some other minor shafts. The property has not been worked lately, but the company is getting ready to prosecute development work vigorously in the near future. Highest price for stock during 1899, 10 cents; lowest price for stock during 1899, 61-2 cents. History from Encyberpedia and (old stock certificate research service)