Woman's World Publishing Company - Illinois 1912

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Beautifull certificate from the Woman's World Publishing Company issued in 1912 This historic document has the company's name on top center and has the signatures of the Company’s President, Geo. E. Nelson and Secretary, Wm. H. Smythe.


Poors Manual 1914

WOMAN'S WORLD MAGAZINE CO., INC. - The Manual was officially advised in July, 1914, that the Woman's World Publishing Co., which was formerly known as the Currier Publishing Co. is out of business and that the Woman's World Magazine is now published by the Woman's World Magazine Co..

Officers.—Geo. E. Nelson, Pres.; John. R. Miller, Vice-Pres.; Curtis P. Brady, Treas. and Gen. Mgr.; Wm. H. Smythe, Sec. General Office, 107-111 South Clinton Street, Chicago, Ill. New York Office, 286 Sixth Avenue. Boston Office, Old South Bldg.


CURRIER PUBLISHING CO -Inc. Nov, 1905, in Ill., was the successor to the Home folks Publishing Co., organized Sept, 1900. Owned a one-half interest in Howe & Currier, Hartford Bldg., Chicago. The company engaged in publishing and printing; published "Woman's World," a monthly magazine with a large circulation, and also "Everyday Life."

History from Old Company and RM Smythe.